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This is the exact process my team at DigitalMarketer follows to set up, build and monetize a new authority site. Get it, implement it and watch the results.

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We’ve Laid Out Everything You Need To Create, Launch and Monetize Your Blog!

Here’s How We’ll Do It…

  • Module 1: The Authority Model

    In this module, you’ll learn the difference between ordinary blogs and TRUE authority sites (and why you should be building the latter…). You’ll also learn the OPC + R = T equation that gets you all the free traffic and content you need… and how to make your “First $1000” (even if you have a small, rinky-dink list and no product…).

  • Module 2: Market Validation

    This module will cover exactly how to validate the markets your interested in. The fact is, if you go after the wrong market, nothing else is going to matter, or work. He’ll answer questions such as “When is a market too big, or too small”, “How can you carve out your own part of a market” and more.

  • Module 3: Establishing Your Brand

    This module will cover areas such as what your blog name should be, what separates good names from bad names, what kind of tone or voice should your blog take and more.

  • Module 4: Building Your Blog

    This module will cover exactly how to build your blog. He’ll walk you through purchasing you domain name and your web hosting, installing WordPress and adding plugins, to getting your business info and social media set up.

  • Module 5: Launching Your Blog

    This module will walk you through the blog launch process. You’ll learn how to plan out your editorial calendar, create content, and how to get your blog out there. You’ll also learn how to find experts to create your content for you, and how to get someone to manage the process for you.

  • Module 6: Monetizing Your Blog

    This module will teach you how to convert traffic into subscribers and how to make offers to those subscribers, generating revenue for your blog. You’ll learn how to sell your own offers, or sell other people’s products and earn a commission if you don;t have your own products to sell.

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Blogging is Broken!

According to, 81% of bloggers make less than $100 a year from their blog. We’re here to change that…

- Ryan Deiss, Creator of Authority ROI,


Your purchase is 100% guaranteed.  If you’re not happy with AuthorityROI for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll happily refund every penny. No hard feelings.

Your Audience Is Waiting. Let’s Launch Your Blog.


Get STARTED today – here is what you get:

  • 6 Core Modules with 17 training videos that walk you through the entire blog set up and launch process from start to finish.
  • The 7-Day Launch Process that, when executed, will send a flood of traffic your way the first week you go live…
  • How to make your “First $1000” (even if you have a small, rinky-dink list and no product…)
  • A list of our top 5 favorite themes (all under $50) and top 11 plugins (almost all of them FREE!) that will have you up and running and looking like a PRO in minutes…
  • How to get PREMIUM CONTENT your visitors will love WITHOUT you doing any work (and no, I’m not talking about those garbage freelance sites)…
  • …and so much more!
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconHow quickly will I reach my first 1,000 subscribers?

    This is completely dependent upon you, but if you follow my blog launch process the goal is to get you there in 14 days or less! You could reach that amount sooner, or you may never reach that number of subscribers. It comes down to your ability to put the effort in, as well as the methods you employ to generate subscribers. Just know that something magical happens when you reach that number, so do whatever you can to push through and get them!

  • q-iconHow much will it cost to set up & launch my blog?

    You can get your blog online and launched for the cost of a domain name (around $10) and web hosting (as little as $5 per month)! We recommend some themes in the training, but none of them are more than $50, and there are lots of free options available as well. Any other costs associated will depend on the methods you use to promote and grow your blog. There are also free ways to do every step (which we will cover in the training) if you choose to bootstrap your growth.

  • q-iconHow much money can I make with my blog?

    Unfortunately there is no way we can answer that realistically. Every person is different, has different skills and work ethic, etc, so it’s impossible to answer. How much you make will be completely up to you and your skills and effort.

  • q-iconHow long do I have access to the course?

    The course is available online with unlimited access 24/7. As long as you are a paid member in good standing, your access will never be revoked.

  • q-iconCan't I just figure this out on my own?

    Probably…but why would you want to? Wouldn’t you rather just take a short-cut and learn what has already been proven to work? Look, I’ve made every mistake you can make and have spent tens-of-thousands of dollars testing and tweaking my blog launch process (that’s now made me millions of dollars) so that you don’t have to. But hey, if you want to spend your valuable time and hard-earned money trying to figure this out on your own, you certainly can.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    We have a 60 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. So, YES, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.  If you’re not happy with AuthorityROI for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll happily refund every penny. No hard feelings.

Launch Your Blog. Become An Authority. Your Audience Is Waiting.

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Digital Marketer is unique because it is owned and operated by real marketers who actually sell their own products and services.

Yep you heard that right, we’re not just a bunch of journalists or “researchers”… We actually DO THIS STUFF! (And we’re pretty dang good at it too)

Not only do we “do” this stuff, we do it in multiple niche markets and mainstream verticals.  That means we have to test, A LOT!

Once we figured out exactly what works, we document the process and create internal trainings that teach exactly how to repeat our success step-by-step in ANY market.

You’re about to learn how we grew our blogs and authority properties to:

  • Over 1.2 MILLION subscribers (and how we average more that $1 per subscriber per month in revenue)
  • 830K+ Facebook fans and likes…
  • More than 1.1 million UNIQUE visitors (per month)...

… all in just the last 24 months using the exact system we teach in Authority ROI.

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